“Get An Enthusiastic 'YES'
From Real Estate Agents,
Every Time You Ask For Business."

Working with just one average Agent
can put over $40,000 in your pocket year after year!

Read on to learn how you can get
dozens of Agents to want to work with you

without cold calling,
without rejection,
without donuts
and without rate sheets

"20 Interviews With Realtors"

"With over 27 years in the mortgage business I felt it was time to develop relationships with Realtors. I purchased your Marketing to Agents Toolkit with some skepticism wondering if this is for real, well it is!. I developed a data base of 1800 Realtors® and mailed 250 per week with the following results; 1.5% response which converted to over 20 interviews and the pre-quals started coming. My agents love it as the Realtors actually want us to come out and make a presentation to them. It flat out WORKS!!!

Rayce Lucas
Mission Hills Mortgage, CA


I am about to tell you a true story.

A Realtor® called me the other day, and you won't believe what he said,

“Mr. Kamadia, another agent in my office works with you, and she told me this morning how she no longer has to spend any time following up on her leads. She also said how her business has increased as a direct result of working with you. I did over 9 million in sales last year and I would love to meet with you and discuss how we can work together.”

He never would have called me if it wasn’t for my simple, easy to use, almost-no-work-involved marketing system.

My system gets dozens of Real Estate Agents to call me wanting me to help them increase their business, and because I help them make more money, they give me all their loans and leads. You can easily do the same thing I do.

My new system of getting Real Estate Agent business has been so successful, I had to hire another assistant!

What all the fuss is about...

I call my system, The Marketing To Agents Toolkit. It’s called a Toolkit because it has everything needed to attract, convert, and get business from Agents and Brokers.

The whole idea that makes the Toolkit so successful is simple. By giving Agents what they want, they give me what I want.  

Sit up straight and pay attention now because here’s the key:  I offer the Agents something they want. -- They call me to get it. When I give them what I promised, I show them something else; something that they cannot live without – and which they can only have if they work with me.

When they see what I have to offer, their eyes light up like 10 year-olds in a toy store, because they know it could easily double or triple their income in a few months.

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"14 Presentations With Realtors"

"Purchasing your Marketing to Realtors kit was the single best investment in business I have ever made. I am fairly new to the retail side of this industry and did not have a referral base to fall back on. My partner does have large referral base and was extremely skeptical of what I was trying to do with this kit before he actually read it. Needless to say, my phone now rings twice as much as his from only three weeks of marketing. In my first mailing of 500, I got 18 phone calls with 14 presentations and landed 5 Realtors. They were amazed at what they think I created and even gave me their older leads which I am currently working. It appears that I have hit my mark in this business and it has only just begun. Thank you for the support and thank you for the chance to stick this in the face of the skeptics.

Yours truly,

Michael Tretola , Brooklyn, NY

After receiving the above testimonial, I called Michael and interviewed him to find out exactly how he got his great results. According to him, the Toolkit is going to bring him a minimum of $200,000 in personal commissions per year.

Left click on the link below to listen to the interview or Right-click and choose Save-As to save it to your computer. It is 22 minutes long and a must to listen to for anyone serious about getting more business from real estate agents.

Click here to listen to the Interview with Michael Tretola and prepare to be blown away.

Or click here to read the transcript of the interview


5 Loans Already

"This is the best marketing tool any loan agent can use. Doesn't matter whether you're a 10 year pro or a 1 year greenhorn you'll benefit from this system.  In just one test mailing of 208* that's right I said 208, I received 10 calls, 8 meetings and I'm working currently now with 2 agents. I got lucky and landed one Realtor® who was the selling agent of the month. I now have 2 refi's and three purchases and in California that's big money.  I can't wait to see what kind of results my next mailing gets. That letter you created is like strong bait they can't help resist it. When you meet with these Realtors® they can't help but be impressed by the suit, the package, and the presentation. They all say that they never had a loan agent do that before. You created the perfect system, for the perfect market, for the perfect target. Thanks for every thing. I also plan on using the greed stimulator to attract new business as an incentive to do business with me. Boom take that!! "

Barney Santos
Downey, CA

"My First Call: A Top Producer"

"I was excited when I first bought The Marketing To Agents Toolkit. The first thing I used was the letter. I mailed it to 50 real estate agents whose business cards I had gathered. A couple of days went by; nothing. Another day; nothing. So I emailed you guys about what I was doing wrong. Allen, your marketing director,  went through with me the different things I had done and gave me some help on what my next steps should be. But I was really bummed about not getting any response from my first batch. Allen assured me that 50 was a very low number to expect a huge response from, but still. Then about 5 days after I mailed the letters, I got my first call; a top producer. I arranged to meet him the next day. But before I could meet him, I got 2 more calls from different agents. And probably more to come. Now I believe. This system works. Thanks for the constant help and advice."

Mark Anthony Fenuccio
Worchester, MA

A survey by the National Association of Realtors® shows again why it is so important for loan officers to work with Realtors:

69% of all homebuyers asked their Realtor® to suggest a mortgage lender.

And 36% of all homebuyers chose their lender based only on the Realtor’s recommendation.

In other words, if you're not working with Realtors® you're missing at least 4 out of 10 homebuyers, and fighting with your competition for the rest.

Working with only one agent who gives you only one measly loan a month, will result in over $40,000 in commissions a year! Using this system you can easily work with 10, 20, 30 or more Realtors or Agents. 

If you have ever been rejected by a Real Estate Agent, you need to keep reading!

Look how easy it is to use the Toolkit. (NO DONUTS OR RATE SHEETS)

Step 1. Use my ads or letters to offer Agents an information filled "Package" that will show them “How to Double Their Income in 90 Days”.

Step 2. Once they call you to get this "Package" (no cold-calling), you use the scripts provided to arrange a meeting with the Agent in which you give it to them.

Step 3. In the meeting you use the other set of scripts included to explain to them the benefits of your "Client Follow-Up System".

Most Agents do a decent amount of business but still struggle to get customers because they aren't very good at marketing themselves and doing proper follow up. Instead of waiting for them to learn, I take it upon myself to do it. To make this as simple and effortless as possible, I created a complete "Client Follow-Up System" that separates potential homebuyers into three categories: (1) the credit challenged, (2) the down payment impaired, and (3) those that want to buy, but just don’t want to buy right now.

Step 4. Real Estate Agents and Brokers fall in love with the follow-up system, (especially since it is Free for them), and start giving you leads to follow-up with.

This benefits the Agent because he never loses track of another lead. Every lead is properly followed up with, and every lead which makes it through the system is sent back to the Agent pre-approved to buy a house.

This helps you because:

- From the Agents, you get all their loans of buyers who are ready to buy now.

- You get a ton of leads from the Agents.

- A whopping 99% of the leads which make it through the system get their loan from you.

- Your pipeline is always full.

- You can predict how many loans you will have every month.

- Your marketing costs are almost zero.

- You will get many, many referrals from the buyers who go through the system.

- Your Agents refer you other Agents to work with.

The entire "Client Follow-Up System" is also part of the Toolkit.  Just plug the leads you get into the system and let it work. You and your Agent partners will be amazed at how the system increases both your businesses.

Step 5. If the Agent is someone you want to work with, but does not agree to work with you right away (probably because he is already happy with another lender) you use my 100 contact "Agent Follow-Up" process to stay in touch and eventually win him over.

Here are the early results:

The first month I implemented the system outlined in the Toolkit, I went on 26 Realtor® interviews. (All of them called me).  Before this, I had never been to meet a Realtor® in my life. Out of those 26 meetings, 20 eventually agreed to work with me. From those 20, in three months, I got 22 loans. This is not counting all the leads that were given to me which will materialize into loans in the future.

To be honest, not every one of these Realtors® was worth working with, but since this was the first time I tried the system, I went to see every Realtor® that called me. It also helped me gain some confidence in being able to determine if this system was going to work or not.

Now, I pre-qualify the Realtors® before I meet them, and if they don’t do enough business, I don’t bother with them.

That is the power the Toolkit can give you…You will have so mush business that...

You will be able to turn away Agents who want to work with you
(But only if you want to).

It only took 3 months to get 22 loans. Since everything you need is in the Toolkit, you can set up the whole thing in a couple days.

"An Extra $50,000 Each Month"

"It's full of useful information, easy to read and apply. Includes everything that is needed to get started. This is a great product to use to get a great source of loans month after month. I expect that will enough advertising I will have an extra $50,000 each month."

Darrel Lonergan

DMA Real Estate, Tulsa OK

"Already Recommended You To Others"

"I recently received a copy of 'The Marketing To Agents Toolkit' to review. I am impressed with the succinct straight-forward manner in which it is presented. If this material had been available several years ago I may very well have been able to save many thousands of dollars on other mortgage marketing training materials. Yours is the first I have come across that puts the tools together in a relatively easy to understand and implement manner. I have already recommended your material to several "newbies" and will continue to do so.

This is only the second time I have concerned myself with discussing a provider's materials with them. I believe it is that good."

William A. Myers
Residential Finance Specialist

Better Than A College Marketing Class

"Your 'Marketing To Agents Toolkit' is more practical and more useful than any marketing class you're going to find in any college, not to mention cost less than a single credit hour at an average private university."

Dave Winchester
High Ridge, MO

Some important reasons why you’ll want to try The Marketing To Agents Toolkit for yourself:

First, anyone can duplicate my results. There is nothing in the Toolkit that takes a college education, or even much money to implement. It is a simple concept; fine tuned into a well-oiled, loan producing machine. In fact, in the manual I use an example of how you can start getting loans using only $500.

Second, you can be up and running in days. I have already spent the time developing and testing the whole process, and I turn it over to you. All you do is transfer the files from CD to your computer, place an ad, or mail a letter, and go meet Real Estate Agents and Realtors when they call you. The laziest mortgage broker in the country can have it generating phone calls in less than one week.

Third, the Toolkit will help you meet and exceed all your income goals. Even if each Realtor® only gives you only one measly loan a month, how many Real Estate Agents do you need to be happy? Whatever your answer is, I promise to show you how to reach that level.

Fourth, the Toolkit will turn you into an Agent Magnet. You can gain the confidence and loyalty of as many Real Estate Agents as you can handle.

Fifth, you have no risk. Try the Toolkit for yourself, and if you don’t like it, you have 90 days to send it back for a complete refund. A full 60 Day Guarantee. I only do this because I know it'll work for you.

Sixth, you can even pay in installments if money is tight right now.

"Really Loving My Job"

"Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that your Referrals on Demand system is awesome. As well, your kit to Marketing to Agents is incredible. In less than one month, I have accumulated four new Realtor® partners as well as a real estate attorney without any efforts. I am not even remotely acclimated with the entire programs yet but am learning as I go. I read through both program kits and listen to the discs everyday in my car and on my computer. In due time, I will know this stuff inside and out.

I have attached a couple testimonials for your review. I have never sent out mailings, follow-up cards etc. due to the so called "lack of time". I now make the time to go through the proper steps which has allowed me more time to be with my clients. It's weird but by focusing specifically on what I have in my current pipe and past clients, I have been able to receive multiple referrals as well as testimonials. Sure, I have a few cards on the office table saying thanks etc. but the testimonials we very rewarding to read and I will use them in my portfolio.

In reality, if one were to purchase your programs and really dedicate a little time to learn them...they would be priceless. I am now looking at receiving residual loans until I decide to retire. My newsletter will be released around the end of June and it's gonna be sweet. I have partnered up with a homeowners insurance agent, a Realtor®, a title & abstract company and a friend of mine whom owns a local restaurant. My partners will be writing their own column in my newsletter plus I gained access to each of their mailing list of clients. The newsletter will be a co-op which will also reduce my expenses.

I am glad that I was able to make the commitment to your programs. For my sake, I do hope that not many bankers or brokers buy your systems though...it would make my job tougher to compete. I am the only mortgage banker/broker in my immediate area that truly defines "Amazing Service". Thanks a million Ameen!

You have my permission to use my "testimonial" if you so desire. I will most definitely keep you posted as time rolls along. it is so exciting to actually see immediate results by developing a "system". I am rejuvenated to actually really loving my job as if it were day one. I am no longer in search of where my next loan will be coming from nor do I care. just by sending out the "confession" letters to my past clients turned in multiple referrals.

Going through the refi-boom when loans were just trolling through the door and trying to get them out and closed asap and make the payday was great but I never had a "system" to maintain and follow up with my current and previous clients. I was on pace to having an excellent year but now with my "system" in place...I am looking to have an incredible year! my Realtor partners are loving me because I am going to help them maintain their client data base as well in which this will allow them to gain more listings which creates more loans for me....thanks again Ameen!"

Michael W. Locker
Mortgage Banker, Timberland Mortgage Services
Duluth, MN

"Best System I Have Seen"

"I have already put your toolkit to use. I have gotten a broker to work with me and doing an open house on Saturday for a $750,000 mixed use property. I think your system is the best system that I have seen to market to Realtors®. I am very excited about it and sure I will do very well with it. We are looking into Goldmine and an autoresponder as well as getting an 800 number to get full use out of your system. I am very happy with your system and I will be happy to give you a testimonial to help you sell your product."

Mark Oppenheim
1st Capital Mortgage
Mineola, NY

The Complete Package

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Real Estate Agent Marketing Toolkit. It has everything we need to market professionally to Realtors® in our area. I wish all the "marketing kits" I've purchased in the past were as detailed and complete as your package. Thanks!"

Bill Livingston, 
First Choice Lenders
Punta Gorda, Fl

What are some of the benefits of The Marketing To Agents Toolkit?

  • Have a steady stream of loans each and every month from your Real Estate Agent Partners.

  • Instead of being dependent upon Agents to send you business, the Agents will see you as a real partner and will even become dependent upon you.

  • You will be in control of your business and life by having so many leads and loans, you only have to work with the people who want to work with you.

  • You do not need to spend money on consumer marketing because you will be able to capture 40% of homebuyers before they even talk to any other lender. Each Agent or Broker should send you at least 2 loans per month, and you can easily convert 3-4 Agents per month to work with you!

  • There is nothing for you to write, create, or spend time or money developing. Everything you need is included.

  • You eliminate the need to compete with other lenders because borrowers will be sent to you already pre-sold on the idea of working with you.

  •  You do not have to change or stop doing anything you already do, just add this to it.

The next time you go to a real estate office, be an invited guest, instead of an unwanted pest.


Here is what you get in the Toolkit:

(1) The instruction manual that gives you the details on how to use and implement the system. The manual helps you set up your game plan, decide on your marketing budget, choose the marketing method to use, and guides you through the Toolkit, step by step

(2)  The marketing pieces you use to get Agents to call you. Including ads, letters, newsletter, etc.

(3) The scripts you use to get Agents to agree to a meeting with you in order to discuss the information you are offering.

(4)  The actual “package” that is delivered to the Agents. The “package” contains three separate reports dealing with different ways Agents and Brokers can improve their business, as well as other inserts that promote you as the only broker they need to work with.

(5)  The scripts to conduct the meeting and to introduce the "Client Follow-Up System".

(6) The entire "Client Follow-Up System" for three different types of homebuyers, and over 20 contacts for each type to be used over a 6 month period of time.

(7) An entire separate 100 contact "Real Estate Agent Follow-Up System" to use on those that do not agree to work with you right away.

(8) All the ads, letters, scripts, and all the contacts on a separate CD so all you have to do is save them to your computer.

It takes my assistant only about 3 hours a week to implement the "Client Follow-Up System" for all the leads my Realtors® give us. They get these leads from phone inquiries, their own marketing, open houses, referrals, etc. Anyone that wants to buy a house but is not ready to go looking right now is turned over to us. We them put them through the system, until they are ready to buy.

The Realtors® love to let us handle this part of the business. This is mainly because they know that they themselves do not follow up properly. Plus, they save money time.

Almost overnight, my pipeline was full of these leads. Not all of them make it through the 6 months, but my numbers show that 35% of all the leads handed to us, turn into a loan for me. The more Realtors® I get, the more leads I get, and the more loans they send me from their “hot” buyers.

But don’t even count the leads. I look at them as gravy, frosting on the cake, an added bonus for me. Just because I am helping the Realtors®, they in-turn refer ALL their homebuyers and sellers to me to get their loan, and it has dramatically helped my business!

I started getting so many new loans, I had to hire another assistant to handle the workload!

"I've studied several copywriters - Halbert, Abraham, Kennedy, as well as bought several broker courses. There is nothing like dealing with one of your own. You follow their formulas and obviously apply your experience in the field."

Shawn Janusheske
First Equity Lending
La Crescent, MN

"The Toolkit seems to be very thorough and complete. Every successful mortgage broker works with Real Estate agents. Most new one's fall on their face over and over and hardly get anywhere. This will allow me to, from the beginning, get results and get through the door with Realtors®. And I know if I ever have a question I can contact you over the phone."

Nathaniel Witaszek
Hendersonville, NC

"The material, plan, and format make marketing to Realtors® very simple."

Michael Pezzello
New York, NY

"The Toolkit provides a systematic, low cost, turnkey marketing program to develop Realtor® referrals. One closed transaction will pay for the Toolkit many times over. This one is a no-brainer!"

Ken Kaplan
Vector Financial Systems
New Britain, PA

"I feel this will be a helpful tool to enhance my business and to finally be a dedicated partner to various Realtors®. I look forward to joining the team of successful originators across the country and aspire to share my success stories with others."

Michael Gardner
Bankers Nationwide
Frankfort, IL

"Fantastic! You guys have been to a Todd D. workshop haven't you? This puts meat to what he talks about. Thanks."

Brad Moore
Summit Home Mortgage
Lees Summit, MO

"Great info, lots of stats, great concept, out of the box! Thanks."

Thomas Devlin
Medford, MA

In addition to everything mentioned above I have added some FREE Bonuses to help you get the most from the Toolkit:

(1) A copy of the actual “package” that I deliver to potential Agents so you can see how it is laid out, how the contents are printed, and what is included.
Scientific Advertising (2) The electronic version of the all time marketing classic book “Scientific Advertising” By Claude Hopkins. This book is considered and recommended by many of today’s top marketers as the greatest book of all time written on the subject of advertising. This classic is so hard to get, bookstores even have a hard time keeping it in stock, if they can get it at all.
How To Make Your Credit Sparkle (3) The electronic version of the best selling book “How To Make Your Credit Sparkle”.  This was the first book to detail the actual score factors the credit bureaus use to determine credit scores. It has helped thousands understand and improve their credit. Currently on sale for $37, it is yours FREE.
The Science of Getting Rich (4) The electronic version of the book “The Science of Getting Rich”. This powerful manual of wealth building gives the essential secrets of being rich. It gets to the core or how anyone can become wealthy. It is also yours FREE.
(5) A CD with all the letters, scripts, marketing pieces, each contact of the "Customer Follow-Up System", and each contact in the "Real Estate Agent Follow-Up System", so you can easily load them on your computer. You don’t need to change a thing. Just add your name and you are set to go.


All these bonuses are yours ABSOLUTELY FREE when you order!

Creating the Toolkit took me countless hours, and several thousand dollars, but it was worth it. Just one Agent giving you just one loan a month, will earn you over $40,000 in one year. In a few short months after you start using the systems, you will cement relationships with many Realtors® who do much, much better than that.

By now, you are probably wondering how much it is going to cost you.

We've sold over 1,000 of these kits at $600 each. But in today's market, loan officers are getting punched from every direction and so I have decided to cut the price in half! Once things get better, the price is going back up.

My price to you for the entire Marketing To Agents Toolkit, and Free bonuses is a paltry $299. I will even break it up into two monthly payments of just $149.50. Heck if you get just one loan, you’ll make enough to buy a Toolkit for everyone in your office. And remember, it comes with a 60 Day Guarantee. If it does not turn you into a Realtor® Magnet where Realtors® are dying to work with you, send it back for a full refund.

Marketing To Agents Toolkit


My 100% Bulletproof 60 Day

"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

I want everyone who claims their copy of "The Marketing To Agents Toolkit" to tell their friends and associates about all the great information it contains, since I know that positive word-of-mouth can sell more of this product than all the advertising in the world.

So, to make sure that my customers have NOTHING but great things to say about this manual, I insist that you spend FULL 60 Days using this material over and over and trying it out at absolutely no risk to you!

If you still think this manual is not worth at least 10 times what you paid, simply return it to me for a prompt 100% refund.

NO hassles and NO questions asked!

Let's see if it is worth it:

Description Separate Purchase Advanced Edition
Instruction Manual $897  Included  
Tested Marketing Pieces $699 Included
Tested Scripts $599     Included
Bad Credit Client Follow Up Program $199 Included
No Down Client Follow Up Program $199 Included
Not Right Now Client Follow Up Program  $199 Included
Real Estate Agent Follow Up Program $199 Included
Everything On CD $299 Included
Printed Package $99 Included
Scientific Advertising $99 Included
Make Your Credit Sparkle $37 Included
The Science of Getting Rich $49 Included
60 Day Total Guarantee N/A Included
TOTAL VALUE $3,574.00
Your Investment $299.00
YOU SAVE $3,275.00

If I held a seminar to teach you all this, it would take at least 3 full days. What does a great 3 day seminar go for? At least $2,500.  Add $300 for airfare, $200 for hotel, and $150 for food and you would be paying $3,150!!! Plus, you would be away from your own business so you would lose out on any money you could make in those three days as well.

Check one of the payment options below to proceed:

Click here to pay in one payment.

Click here to pay in two payments.

Now, if you are anything like me you probably have some questions. Let me answer the most common ones we get asked.

Q: "Does it cost a lot of money to use this system?"

A: Not at all. We suggest you start small. Test one of the marketing pieces. Say you decide to send the Lead Generating Letter. Don't send 1,000 of them out at once. Send 50-100. That will cost you less than $100.

It doesn't matter where you are starting from, you can profit from this system. It doesn't matter if you are dead-broke, or if you are already successful and want to do better.

Q: "How long does it take to see results?"

A: One user of the system told me he printed up the Newsletter (which is one of the marketing pieces included) and delivered them himself to a few real estate offices. He immediately got a phone call from a Realtor whom he met 2 days later and agreed to work with him.

Of course, you must understand that if you do not work the program, you will not see results. I know this sounds stupid, but it must be said.

Q: "I just got in the business, can this help me?"

A: Definitely! It would not be a good thing to advertise to the Realtors® that you are new to the business, but unless you tell them, there is no way for them to know from the marketing materials we provide.

Q: "Do you offer any support?"

A: Yes we do!  We provide support through email, and you can call the office during business hours if you get stuck.

Q: Can't I just figure this out on my own?

A: You can do it yourself, just like I had to. But make sure you have about 10 years and tens of thousands of dollars for testing, and you're all set.

Q: You offer a very strong guarantee. Won't people rip you off?

A: Yes, unfortunately they do, but I believe the majority of people are good, honest folk.

Q: The whole thing seems kind of complicated. Can you explain it again?

A: Sure. Basically you do something to attract a Realtor's® attention: send him a letter, a postcard, a newsletter, or run an ad in a magazine. The Realtor calls you for the free package that is advertised in the ad. You tell the Realtor® you will be happy to give him the package, but it has to be in person, so the Realtor® sets a time to meet with you.

Q: What makes you system better than the other systems sold by other companies to attract real estate agents? Some of them have ven been featured in mortgage magazines.

A: Yes, some of our competitors do say they were featured in magazines. If you ask them to produce the stories they will not be able to do so. All they did was place a small ad for one month in the magazine and now they claim to be "featured" in it. Deceptive and sad, but for some companies that is the only way they can sell their products.

1. Our kit it different and better because we have tested it and use it to this day in our office. We work with our Realtor partners to make sure it is effective and get their input on all updates.

2. Our kit is proactive. It gets them to call you within days of you implementing our system.

3. Our kit is also a turn key operation. No fluff, no theory. Just a step-by-step plan to get you more business quickly.

Abby Kamadia
MoneyTree Mortgage

Check one of the payment options below to proceed:

Click here to pay in one payment.

Click here to pay in two payments.


P.S. Two easy payments and a 60 Day Guarantee after that! You have nothing to lose. 

P.P.S. If you want Real Estate Agent business without having to bother with rate sheets, donuts, or buying lunches, you gotta get this thing!

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